3 Steps to Outsourcing Customer Care Is What We Do

3 Steps to a Successful Outsourcing Experience

At Fused Solutions, we realize that outsourcing some or all of the customer care function is not appropriate for every organization’s situation. And given its potential impact on the satisfaction of their customer base, many organizations struggle with the decision of whether or not to outsource. The guidelines below are meant to help you determine IF outsourcing is right for your organization, and HOW to best engage an outsource service provider.

1.) Build or Buy

The fact you are visiting this site suggests that you may already be experiencing the need for additional customer care resources. Indications of this may include:

Support volume is overwhelming your internal support staff, requiring other resources.
Customer complaints are occurring, related to slow response time.
Staff morale is suffering, and support turnover is increasing.
Support costs are escalating beyond original budgets.

If your organization is experiencing any of the above indicators, it’s often a good sign that outsourcing is the right step and you should continue this process.

2.) Selecting an Outsource Provider

If/when a “buy” or outsourcing decision is made, the next step in the process is to research and select an outsource vendor whose capabilities match up well with your requirements. To find this ‘best fit’, it is helpful to prepare the following information:

Assemble your current customer care statistics including (volume, queue times, hold times, etc).
Identify your data sources and reporting requirements.
Structure the support process.
Criteria for vendor selection.

3.) Transitioning the Support Function

In selecting your outsource vendor, it is also wise to understand their deployment (on-boarding) process. The thoroughness of this process is often a good indication of the general quality of service you can expect from the vendor, and how “smooth” or “bumpy” the transition of service will be. Typical on-boarding activities include the following:

Designing the support process
Integration of data sources
Final testing and cutover
Review and continuous improvement

Placing the care of your most prized asset (customers), into the hands of a capable outsource provider, can naturally be an anxious time for you and your organization. However, by following these guidelines, you can ensure that your decision to outsource will be successful and supportive of your customer care objectives.

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