Customer Referral Program Customer Care Is What We Do

We cherish our community of customers, partners and suppliers, and do everything in our power to exceed their needs and provide value in every interaction. This is why we are proud to announce our new Customer Referral Program. Over the last 10 years, we have grown by leaps and bounds, and in many cases, due to the strong relationships we have created with our network and community. Customer referrals have always been a very large part of our success, and we now want to start rewarding those that take the time to tell their networks about our products and services.


Who Can Participate?

The program was initially designed to benefit our current customer and partner base, but we have decided to open it up to everyone. So, whether you are the Head of Customer Care at your company or simply have an uncle who is constantly complaining about his technical support crisis, you are eligible.

What is the reward?

To start, we are keeping it simple, but that doesn’t mean you get less. Each new referral that you send to us, that becomes a paying customer (note: that’s the key piece to remember) will earn you $500. There is no limit. Reward payments can be made to individuals, companies, or any charity of your choice.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Tell your customers, partners, friends, family, and extended network about Fused Solutions. As you know, we work with companies from many industries and of all sizes that are looking to lower their costs and improve their customer satisfaction.

Step 2 – Make the introduction. After that our experienced sales team can take over and design a solution just for them. We are also glad to have you stay involved if you like.

Step 3 – Get Paid! When your referral decides to do business with us, we pay you for it. Each new customer will result in a $500 payment.

Step 4 – Repeat!


If you have no further questions, feel free to get started by contacting your network. If you would like more information or are interested in establishing a custom program, please contact us or send an email to