Fused Solutions Employing Local Talent

February 28th, 2012 Fused Solutions is currently finishing up with their first group of 5 new Technical Support Agents. The plans to hire 5- 10 more are very realistic and will happening within the next few weeks. We are excited that our new customers have brought us such a high volume, that we are able to employ more local talent.

Our agents are put through 2 weeks of classroom training which includes customer service, technical training, specialized brand training and real life experience in the contact center. They are then put through one week of shadowing with agents on the Operations Floor. This gives them that ability to see how the calls are handled by our best and tenured agents. After the first week of training those agents then begin reverse shadowing. This technique allows them to have a whole week with a tenured agent, who is there to answer questions and provide coaching as needed.

We are very excited to have these new agents on board with us. We are also planning to bring on many more agents, as more valued clients are brought into the Fused Solutions family. This has been a very exciting start to the New Year for us. Thank you to all of our clients and the members of our team.