Industries Customer Care Is What We Do

The Fused Solutions customer base is very diverse across a broad range of industries. By utilizing our expertise in multi-brand support, our agents are able to provide high quality service to customers in such verticals as: Telecom, Network Security, SaaS, Web Applications, and E-commerce. Our ability to support this wide range has allowed us to develop multi-tier competencies for each of our core verticals. We are staffed and and well equipped with our own Customer Engagement Center Platform, SpiceCSM, to handle everything from your common and frequent issues (Tier 1) all the way up to your most advanced trouble-shooting and complex issues (Tier 3).

Voice and Data Services

This is our sweet spot. With over 10 years experience supporting ISP’s and Telephone companies, we are able to deliver a customized program for all your customer care needs. We currently support over 25 different providers totaling nearly one million customer interactions a year.


As developers of our own software, SpiceCSM, we understand what it takes to support various systems and platforms. In today’s economy outsourcing to a specialized firm like Fused Solutions allows you to focus on what you do best… designing and delivering high quality software. With 3 tiers of support and our industry acknowledged “Guided Process Workflows,” we are capable of handling any request.

Network Security

Don’t let your products and services fall victim to the “Offshore” appeal, because your customers will never look back. By utilizing our inhouse expertise in the Network Security space, we can troubleshoot the most basic routers, up to intelligent appliances within enterprise networks.

Web Applications and Services

No longer are the days of community support and forums acceptable for users, especially in the B2B market. By making the simple transition to a fully supported or limited hours plan, you can provide world class support for your social media and web 2.0 applications, without having to worry about hiring and training in-house.

Consumer Electronics

Each product in your catalog is a valuable asset in your portfolio. Working with us to design a process that supports each one of those products, allows you to leverage each of your assets. Even small products can carry a lot of weight when it comes to customer service reputation. Our agents follow a documented process to ensure that service is consistent and accurate.

Higher Education

Campuses across North America are continuously working to improve the lives and education of their students, faculty, and staff. Centralizing your communications to a single group helps to reduce clutter and increase efficiencies.

Retail and Commerce

Over the years we have supported many large and small organizations with their retail and POS networks. Every minute you are unable to take on new sales is money lost. By using Fused Solutions to troubleshoot network outages or taking phone orders, you are able to stay in the game and generate revenue.


Don’t see your vertical listed? Not a problem. We are continually adding new competencies and industries and would gladly take the opportunity to learn your industry, products and services. Contact us, to learn more.