Higher Education Customer Care Is What We Do

Higher education institutions provide a disparate array of support services to their constituents, which can make it challenging for students, faculty and staff to know exactly where to go or whom to call when they have questions. By outsourcing to Fused Solutions, you are able to provide a single, unified point of contact for your community to seek ‘first level’ support for a consolidated group of topics, departments, and functions. Simply distribute a single phone number, and let our agents Diagnose, Troubleshoot, and Resolve.

IT Help Desk

In today’s world, students, faculty and staff need to stay connected, and when that connection gets dropped it stops all forward motion. By providing a 24/7/365 support line for resolution of their IT questions and problems, you are enabling them to complete their roles and responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Our unique technical support background puts us in an ideal place to support any and all IT related questions.

Student Services

Every higher education institution faces the same challenge twice a year … student registration and the long lines that come with it. Why force your students to stand in line when many of their answers can be solved over the phone utilizing our trained and efficient agents? Utilizing your best practices, our staff can handle student questions and concerns the same way their counselors would. Utilizing outsourced services during these times will allow you to meet students’ needs without overwhelming your in-house resources.

First line of support. Free up your faculty and staff from answering the most common and frequent of questions and let them tackle the more challenging issues that require an in-house skill set. By outsourcing the first tier questions, your organization becomes more efficient, and students no longer wait in long lines for a 30 second response.

Dispatch & Emergency Services

Many small institutions struggle to keep their emergency response and dispatch services staffed and ready to handle large influxes of calls. Utilizing Fused Solutions as an answering service and dispatch arm, you are able to guarantee to your campus community the level of support they require and expect.

Get setup in weeks, not months. Our structured and detailed deployment process is designed to get organizations on-line in 3-6 weeks. If you are interested in learning more about how Fused Solutions can provide service and support for your customers, please contact us.