Software Customer Care Is What We Do

“Get Your Engineers Off The Phone”


No matter how you slice it, having your engineers and product managers on the phone solving problems is inefficient, not to mention annoying. As a software company, your specialty is to develop and deliver a product that adds value to your customers. Why spend the time and resources to do something that is outside your core competency? Enabling your developers to focus on high value activities, such as software development, increases your overall productivity and competitive advantage. As a 24/7/365 contact center, we have what it takes to get your engineers off the phone and your customers satisfied.

You may be asking yourself, “But how? Our products are very feature rich and complex and can take weeks to train each individual on.” Not a problem. We work with your Subject Matter Experts and implement our own software, SpiceCSM, to develop best practice workflows and processes to enable our agents to resolve your customers’ issues. During the setup process, we take what you know best, your product and knowledge, and turn it into a format that our agents can understand and utilize to support your customers. Whether it’s explaining how to perform an action or troubleshooting an error message, we use your knowledge and subject matter expertise to solve the problems.


Service and support for on-demand providers has been a huge growth segment for Fused Solutions. Eliminate the hassles of staffing your own agents, and leave the rest to us.

On-Premise Providers

From installation to upgrades, let our experienced agents handle the issues that are not core to your business model.

Web Applications

Just because your organization is part of the web 2.0 movement doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t deliver a high level of service. You deliver time saving and unique products, why not include service and support?

Get setup in weeks, not months. Our structured and detailed deployment process is designed to get organizations on-line in 3-6 weeks. If you are interested in learning more about how Fused Solutions can provide service and support for your customers, please contact us.