FAQ Customer Care Is What We Do

Q: Are your locations and agents domestic, off-shore, or both?
A: Our agents and the locations they work from are all domestic, in central and northern New York State.

Q: Do you offer multi-lingual services?
A: We are currently an English-only contact center.

Q: How does Fused Solutions price its services?
A: Depending on each client’s specific situation, our recurring support services can be priced on a ‘per minute’, ‘per case’, or ‘per user’ basis. Setup fees are also incurred at the start of our support engagement, and pro services fees can apply for such requests as specialized reports, additional content development, additional training, etc. Lastly, our knowledgebase/trouble ticket platform can also be purchased on a ‘per user’ basis, for use within our clients’ help desk operations.

Q: How do you insure continuous 24/7/365 operations?
A: We use a variety of redundant and backup elements in our systems to insure continuity of operations, including …
o    Redundant systems/platforms
o    Multiple bandwidth and telephone service providers
o    Battery backup and on-site generator
o    Multiple locations

Q: What level(s) of technical support can Fused Solutions agents provide?
A: We structure our operations to include three tiers of technical support, described as follows …
o    Tier 1 – First level, ‘common and frequent’ issues handled via scripted support procedures and knowledgebase content.
o    Tier 2 – Less frequent, more complicated issues that require research/knowledge that lies outside of the existing knowledgebase.
o    Tier 3 – Highly technical issues, often requiring diagnosis of complex systems (e.g., enterprise networks), remote programming/configuration of network devices, and troubleshooting of network and software elements.

Q: What is the profile of your typical customer care agent?
A: There is no single profile of Fused Solutions agent. In all of our agents we require technical, problem solving skills, coupled with an ability and commitment to effective customer service. Demographically, our agents range from college students to retirees, with a variety of educational and work experience backgrounds.

Q: How are Fused Solutions agents trained?
A: Tier 1 agents receive one week of classroom training, one week of shadowing an experienced agent, and one week being shadowed by an experienced agent. Promotion to Tiers 2 and 3 require similar training regimens.

Q: What type of performance metrics does Fused Solutions make available to its clients?
A: Each client is provided with secure access to trouble ticket and performance metrics web portal. In addition to searching and reviewing trouble tickets/cases, clients can also run a variety of reports to review current and historical data pertaining to such items as …
o    Queue time
o    Abandonment
o    Issue type distribution
o    Issue resolution
o    Contact volume
o    Average handle time

Q: In your ‘shared agent’ operation, how do customer care reps accurately and effectively deliver a unique inbound support and/or outbound campaign process?
A: Our knowledgebase platform is designed specifically for multi-brand, multi-tenant operations, the design and delivery of unique support processes for each brand. Moreover, the scripted support process functionality within this platform insures that agents are presented with exactly the detailed information necessary to support each brand’s user community.

Q: In what manner(s) are you able to integrate with legacy telephony, CRM, billing, and other support platforms used by your clients?
A: For CRM, billing and other types of customer/contact databases, the two primary integration methods used are web calls and API scripts, both of which are highly secure. Phone traffic into our contact center can be accomplished via both POTS and VOIP technologies.

Q: In addition to 24/7 outsourcing, are you able to ‘co-source’ customer care operations with your clients’ in-house help desk departments?
A: Yes, many of our clients co-source with our operations. Segregation of the support process can be done on a time-of-day and/or day-of-week basis, by customer type, by issue type, and other means as desired by our clients. A common approach is for our clients to handle daytime, Monday through Friday support, and outsource the evening and weekend hours to our operations. In addition, Fused Solutions can handle ‘roll over’ volume during the ‘in-house’ support window, thus giving our clients unsurpassed flexibility in their customer care operations.

Q: Are Fused Solutions clients able to use your contact center technology/platforms?
A: When appropriate, our agents can be trained and guided in the use of our clients’ systems. This is most often done to access troubleshooting tools, client databases, or knowledgebase systems.