Outbound Sales Customer Care Is What We Do

As a partner in your sales growth success, we work with you to develop a program that is designed to make your sales department more efficient. Whether you’re a small start-up looking to get things started or a Fortune 500 company that needs help with growth, our services will maximize your revenues. By outsourcing the simpler tasks, you are able to cut costs while positioning your key internal assets to focus on high value activities.

Lead Generation

Having trouble driving quality leads to your sales team? Is your experienced staff wasting precious time on the phone with unqualified prospects? The lead generation program at Fused Solutions will help to augment your lead discovery process and kick-start your sales.

Call Scripting

Using our industry leading software, SpiceCSM, and its key Guided Workflows feature, our sales agents are able to follow your best practice approach to landing new deals. It’s like putting your best salesperson on the phone every time. Not interested in a scripted approach? Not to worry. We can setup the outbound program in just about any manner you choose.


We specialize in delivering B2B solutions for today’s top performing companies. Whether it’s following up with trade show attendees or working a cold calling list, we understand business decisions.

Integration with Major CRM’s

We have a high-level of expertise for integrations. After developing our own software platforms for years, we know what we’re doing. Over the years, several of Fused Solutions’s clients expressed interest in using our help desk platform within their own operations, thus ushering in the initial commercialization of our application suite. We offer a highly mature (v8.0) version of the SpiceCSM platform that is deployed commercially on a hosted, SaaS basis. Our open API allows integration with all major CRMs such as Microsoft CRM, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and many more.