Technical Support Customer Care Is What We Do

Providing technical support is what we do best. By working with your subject matter experts, we can derive best practice approaches to solving your customers’ problems. We utilize an industry leading practice called Guided Process Workflows to assist our agents in diagnosing, troubleshooting and resolving problems. By working with you to create these workflows, we are able to extend your internal knowledge about your products and services, no matter how technical in nature the problem is.


Through a deductive reasoning process, our highly skilled and trained agents are able to conditionally determine the root cause of the customers issue. All too often, this step in the process can be overlooked, leading agents and customers down the wrong path. Using the “Guided Workflows” our agents are able to quickly hone in on the true problem, to effectively and efficiently support your customers.


Once an agent utilizes the best practice approach to correctly determine the root causes of the issues, they are now able to work with your customers to troubleshoot and solve the problem. With “process specific” knowledge and practices in-hand, the steps to troubleshooting your most advanced problems are solved with ease. What happens if we come across an unknown issue? Agents follow a free form model and then we work with you, to develop a set of workflows to arm our agents in the future, assuring that it never happens again.


With the problem correctly solved, the first time, it’s no wonder why our customers see an increase in their FCR (First Contact Resolution) rates. Working with our customers to set goals for various metric improvements is something we encourage. By positively affecting the customer service experience, you are able to drive better results to your bottom line.

Included with all Fused Solutions Services:

  • 24/7/365 Coverage
  • Fully Branded Support
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Case/Ticket Management
  • Skills Based Routing (ACD)
  • Redundant Infrastructure
  • Multimedia (Phone, Email, Chat)
  • Domestic Only Agents
  • English Speaking Agents
  • Integrations